Important Changes

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Here is a summary of the important changes we prepared:

We have added new universes: S&P 400 Mid Cap Index, S&P 600 Small Cap Index, FTSE 350 Index and Euro Stoxx Index.

S&P 500 Index will stay open for non-paying customers in combination with all factors - Value, Quality, Low Volatility, Asset Growth, Accruals, Shareholder Yield, Insider Holdings and Momentum.

Factors can now be combined: you can select 3 factors at the same time at most. If you select 20 stocks and 3 factors (e.g. value, quality and momentum - order matters), then 60 (20*3) stocks will be selected based on value, out of those 40 based on quality and out of those 20 based on momentum.

You can now use transaction costs of your choice.

All changes are better visible in the selection bar below in the red boxes.

And last but not least, we decreased the prices to $50 per month (or $100 if subscription lasts only for 1 month).