Thursday, 26 February 2015

We made few changes to our policies. 

Monthly cost has been reduced to 50 USD/month (or 40 USD, if paid yearly).

S&P 500 Index is no longer available with FREE ACCOUNT. However FREE ACCOUNT users with S&P 500 Index selected in TRADE section will still be able to use S&P 500 Index to avoid any inconveniences for them. (until they decide to use S&P 100. After that, S&P 500 Index becomes unavailable).

FREE ACCOUNT users will be able to conduct BACKTESTs only on S&P 100 Index universe from 2005. To access backtests for other universes and longer time frames (since 1990), PREMIUM ACCOUNT is required.

We have added new SELECTED SHARES view in BACKTEST section, which shows the most recent shares selected. Users are now able to easily navigate to each share's accounting data by following a link in the Ticker column.