Create Portfolio

First you should investigate various parameters in BACKTEST section and see the backtested results.

Once you have found a satisfying set of parameters, go to TRADE section, set the parameters and save them with save button.

Please not that you can use TRADE section only after you have registered for a FREE ACCOUNT.

Once you have saved parameters, you can create your portfolio with create_portfolio button.

After creating portfolio, you can download it by clicking CSV icon in the bottom of TRADE section.


CSV file is structured as follows:

Long Name Ticker Universe Industry Last Price Currency Percentage in Portfolio
AES Corp/VA AES S&P 500 Index Utilities 14.02 USD 0
AT&T Inc T S&P 500 Index Communications 34.08 USD 0
Accenture PLC ACN S&P 500 Index Technology 90.19 USD 0.007

Last Price is the price for the instrument last recorded in our database - which will always be last business day of previous month.

We update our database once per month (on the last business day every month). After we have updated our database, we run create_portfolio automatically for you, so that you can download updated CSV with new weights.

Interactive Brokers

If you use logo_ibrokers as a broker, we have simplified trade management even further.

Just login to Account Management as seen in the picture below.


Go to Report > Activity > Statements section as seen below.


Do not change anything in the further screen just click View.


The activity statement has been generated that looks as in the picture below.


It contains all the important information for your account: Total value of your account, Currency, Assets held, etc.

Right click anywhere on the statement > Save as. In the Save as type select Webpage, complete as in the picture below.


Now you have all you need to generate a CSV file, which you can directly import into Basket Trader of Trader Workstation.

Upload HTML file you just downloaded from Activity statements as in the picture below.


Upload CSV file containing your Recommended Portfolio as in the picture below.


Finally click Download Trades as in the picture below.


This might take 5-10 seconds. The downloaded CSV file can be directly imported into Basket Trader of Trader Workstation.

Our algorithm does the following:

  • generates trades to sell shares that you own but are not part of Recommended Portfolio
  • generates trades to buy shares that you do not own to align them with Recommended Portfolio
  • generates trades to increase/decrease share holdings to align them with Recommended Portfolio
  • automatically takes care of exchange rate calculations. It correctly estimates number of shares to buy/sell, no matter what currencies shares are in (or what your base currency is).
  • only orders to align shares and ETFs are generated. No attention is paid to other instruments in your account (Futures, Bonds, Cash).
  • No conversion of cash is performed. If you have 100% of your account in EUR cash and your Recommended Portfolio is fully in USD, please convert your EUR cash into USD cash yourself.